Derek Hough

Derek Hough

World Under 21 Latin American Champion
Two-time Open British Champion (Blackpool)
Two-time International 'Open to the World Champion'
Two-time US Open Champion

Style: Latin
Nationality: American
Based in: London, England
Status: Not Currently Competing

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Derek has been dancing since he was 11 years old. He moved to London at the young age of 12 with his sister, Julianne, to live and train with his dance coaches, Shirley and Corky Ballas. While living in their house, he became best friends with their son, Mark Ballas who he also started a band with.

In addition to a successful dance career, Derek also performed on London's West End and played the lead in Footloose. He tried to juggle dancing and theatre, but found it to be too difficult. He recently took a break from competing to focus on acting and singing.

Derek is young, charismatic, and loves to entertain. He was one of the dancers on the first Dancing With the Stars Tour and a choreographer on the BBC (UK) hit show, Dance X.

PROFESSIONAL DANCE PARTNER: Derek danced with Polish dancer Aneta Piotrowska, who appeared on the Polish version of Dancing With the Stars.

'In dancing, there's a lot of acting involved, and you have to combine both of them (the dancing and the acting) to put on a show, because that's our job.'

Derek has had experiences where he's had amazing chemistry with his partner, where he says, 'I loved doing the Rumba it was amazing because everything was 100% genuine.' And he's had partners who he had no chemistry with, and they were still very good. He feels that's where the professionalism comes into it, as long as both people come across like they're having a good time, they can have a successful partnership.

'When you're at your absolute peak and best on the floor it's amazing, it's one of the most amazing feelings ever.'

Derek knows that all you can do is your best, as long as you're doing 100% of what you're capable of. He would rather lose a competition knowing that he danced his absolute best, than win thinking he didn't deserve it. He says that although he was not always technically the best in competitions, he knew how to connect with his partner and the audience.

He really enjoys getting recognition from fans in the Latin world. It's rewarding for him that people appreciate something he has worked really hard for.

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