Larry DeFelice

Comedian Larry DeFelice

Laughter is healing!
For a healthy dose, check out the comedy of Larry DeFelice!

Larry delivers a high-energy combination of impressions, original characters and life observations that leaves his audiences feeling great and wanting more!

Take a well-deserved break from the daily grind. Join Larry as he presents a light-hearted look at the world through impressions of beloved TV and movie characters.

Larry's original characters pop up, too, including "Cletus, The Home Depot Guy", archaeologist "Pinkus Fingerhutt" and others. You'll find it hard to keep a straight face as Larry contorts his.

Larry stands out in the comedy crowd, offering his unique perspective on the universe through his accounts of life as a VCAM ("Vertically Challenged American Male"). At 4' 10", he is "on the cusp" between the realm of the "Normals" and the "Little People". He is the founder and president of the N.A.L.B.W.A.R.D. ("National Association of Little Bastards Who Ain't Really Dwarves").

By the end of the show, people realize they've had that good laugh they've been needing for a long time! (And maybe their cholesterol is down a point or two.)

Larry DeFelice has performed his unique brand of comedy for clubs, pubs, restaurants, fundraisers, theaters, corporate and organizational events. His clean, high-energy act has been enjoyed by audiences in venues ranging from traditional comedy clubs to church basements to banquet halls. He has been seen in a national television commercial for Circuit City Electronic Stores, as well as sketchwork onNBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien show. He has appeared on The New Rascals Comedy Hour and The Wiseguys Show on Sirius/XM Radio.

Impressions of TV and movie characters fill his act, which is also peppered with his life experiences of being "on the cusp". (Larry’s height of 4’10" puts him "on the cusp" between "The Normals" and "The Little People") Think, "The Sopranos meets Fantasy Island"!

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