Joe Moffa

Comedian Joe Moffa

SAG(eligible) TV credits include "Law & Order: SVU" NBC and Sidney Lumet's "100 Centre Street" A&E. Also seen in the film "Stardom" with Dan Aykroyd and Frank Langella. This comedian is New York based.

Joe Moffa is a blue-collar native New York guy. His straight-talking, unique style of comedy is both direct and to the point. Not only will he leave you laughing… it will also make you think. Family life, fatherhood, ex-wives, fat kids, and just stupid day-in and day-out stuff is what you’ll get. Laying out a no-nonsense “Hey, you know what I think?” style of delivery, is what his stand up comedy is all about.

Joe Moffa is a truly entertaining personality. As a stand-up comic, he has become a club favorite, entertaining audiences nationally and appearing regularly in casino venues in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. His unique personality has enabled him to be featured on multiple radio shows as a guest and as a co- host. After landing small parts in Brian De Palmas film, “Carlito’s Way,” starring Al Pacino and Sean Penn, and “Stardom,” starring Dan Aykroyd and Frank Langella, Joe caught the eye of credited Director Sidney Lumett and was cast in the role of Officer Santos in the TV series “100 Centre Street.”

Joe has also been cast in the hit TV show “Law & Order: SVU” and was featured on the FOX Cartoon Network in the role of Officer Gansley in “The Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles” TV Series. He is currently the voice and cartoon character likeness of Game Face, the NFL’s New York JETS football team cartoon mascot, and has been featured in National TV/ Print Ad commercials for the Avacor Corporation and “Naked Chef” Jamie Oliver. As an entertainer, Joe prides himself on being more of a personality who enjoys entertaining, and that’s exactly what he’ll bring to the table… ENTERTAINMENT!

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