Jimmy "Round Boy" Graham

Jimmy "Round Boy" Graham


Jimmy Graham is the Roundboy of Comedy!! This real life, high-energy husband and father of four has a stage presence that pulls the audience in and bear hugs them! A giant of a man with the charm of a teddy bear, Jimmy makes his audience feel comfy and safe while he spins off stories about his wife and kids. His unique observational comedy touches on everyday life experiences that all can relate to. A native of southern New Jersey, Jimmy’s strong South Philly influenced accent is a treat to listen to. He is convinced that all New Jersey people are walking sitcoms. “We are the butts of so many jokes that if ya ain’t got a sense of humor you gotta move!” “ I am the epitome of a Jersey boy: loud, obnoxious, crude, yet somewhat refined…NOT! I have every Springsteen album every recorded and love the shore, brown water and all!” Setting foot on the stage for the first time in February 2001. Since then he has traveled from coast to coast with The Murderers’ Row Show, a comedy troupe that includes members of the Howard Stern’s radio show. Jimmy hosts the show that includes KC Armstrong, Jim Florentine, and The Rev Bob Levy.

The past year Jimmy has spent opening for National Headliner Artie Lange, with the Artie Lange and Friend’s Tour. Doing shows in Las Vegas, Boca Raton, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and LA. Jimmy has opened for other National headliners such as Jim Norton, Rich Vos, and Gilbert Godfrey. When Jimmy isn’t with his pal’s he headlines up and down the East Coast. He is a regular at Caroline’s on Broadway in NY City, where he has appeared with stars such as Patrice O’Neal, Jim Florentine, and Lisa Lampanelli. The Roundboy has also made several television and radio appearances including a hilarious episode of The Ricki Lake Show. Jimmy has appeared on Fox Television’s The Keeler Show. He is currently working with Comedy Central on a new reality show to premiere in 2006 along with a recently shot pilot with WNBC. National Lampoon has recently taken on a new reality show written by Jimmy named, “…and 1 makes 3. Look for its premiere sometime in 2006! Jimmy is also at home over the radio airways where he has made people laugh so hard they have had to pull there cars over and wipe their eyes. He has a regular weekly segment on 105.7FM The Hawk titled; Rambling with The Roundboy with his good friend and infamous radio personality Steve Trevalise. He can also be heard on WYSP’s Kid Chris Show. This summer Jimmy ventured onto the big screen in Disney’s Production of “Invincible” starring along side Mark Wahlberg and Greg Kinear. Jimmy is a force to be reckoned with on the comedy scene. Don’t miss an opportunity to catch this high energy Roundboy!!

Roundboys Rule!!!!!

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