Jim Dailakis

Jim Dailakis

Greek Australian actor/writer/comedian and voiceover artist, Jim Dailakis has been touring the USA for the last ten years headlining in the major comedy clubs.

On stage, he talks about relationships, love, and mimics movie stars with an uncanny ability of being able to contort his face so he can look like them too. His performances have earned him standing ovations and adoration from audiences across the USA and the rest of the world including Australia, the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, the Cayman Islands and all across Canada. Being an Aussie in America is another part of his act.

In Australia, a one-hour TV documentary/video diary was televised prime time, with Jim taking the camera to gigs around the cities of Australia and into the Outback. It was called KING OF THE HEAP and won rave reviews. This was long before reality television came to fruition.

He’s currently working on several feature films he’s written as vehicles for himself. A couple of them have some funding and a sales agent already in place. Seldom do film projects acquire distribution based on the strength of the script. ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED did just that.

Morris Ruskin from Shoreline Entertainment recently signed the contract to distribute the film once it's completed.

Morris co produced Glengarry Glen Ross starring Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon and Alec Baldwin.

Ron Sirota from Strategic Films LLC (a company Jim helped create) is willing to partially fund not only this project but the rest of Jim's screenplays.


Two of the scripts attracted the attention of veteran director Geoff Burton. Geoff is also an outstanding DP and has worked on films such as DEAD CALM with Nicole Kidman.
He also directed Russell Crowe in the movie the SUM OF US. Geoff will direct ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED and FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME.

John Penotti from Greenstreet Films, the production company that made the Academy award nominated film, IN THE BEDROOM, as well as UPTOWN GIRLS with Dakota Fanning and Morgan Brittany said that Jim has a definite presence onstage and after having read ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED “it's very well written and I believe that Jim can carry the film with no problems whatsoever.”

Since his arrival in the US, Jim has appeared in TV commercials, as well as having performed a lot of voiceovers in radio and television including CMT TV on a show called “THE 40 GREATEST DONE-ME-WRONG SONGS."

He can be seen in the upcoming movie MONA. A major agency in LA is currently in talks about signing Jim.

He was recently invited back to Australia for the Palandri International Comedy Festival where he was singled out as the favorite and invited by popular demand to return next year.

Comedians and bookers alike have said that they call upon Jim to do a show “when you need a guaranteed homerun!”

As one critic Jon Doust put it after seeing him perform, “Jim is friendly, charming, quick to respond, cool in a crisis and always guaranteed to bring the house down.”

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