Denny More

Denny More


From the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, to Caroline's Comedy Club on Broadway, to TV's Jerry Springer Show, Denny More has been entertaining, mystifying,
amazing and causing his audiences to convulse with laughter for four decades.

Whether you're witnessing his strange, yet hilarious MIND GAMES show, or the insane unpredictability of his HYPNOSTERIA show, Denny's performance is one you will NEVER forget!!!

Denny took the comedy clubs by storm, becoming one of the top specialty acts on the circuit. He was soon working the top clubs in the country including The Improvs, Rascal's, Bonkerz, Funny Bone's, Zanie's, and was the first comic-hypnotist to ever work Caroline's on Broadway.

A dying breed today, in the mid-eighties, trash talk shows were the rage of daytime TV. One of the wildest of them all, The Jerry Springer Show called Denny to come in and be a part of an episode entitled "The Springer Sex Circus”. Taped in his Chicago studio, Springer was thrilled with Denny's cavalier, devil-may-care attitude toward hypnosis and immediately invited him to be a part of his Spring Break With Jerry Springer Show taped in Jamaica. It was a wild one. To this day, considered a Springer classic.

Today, Denny More has combined his years of experience onstage into one big show. An evening with Denny More includes stand-up comedy, astounding feats of E.S.P., hilarious and amazing magic and off-the-hook hypnosis. He currently keeps busy throughout the year working for casinos, corporate events, colleges, theatres and comedy clubs.

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