Bob Nelson

Bob Nelson

Bob Nelson performed his first "stand-up" routine on June 14, 1978. From that day on, he has performed at hundreds of comedy clubs, colleges, corporate events, casinos, theaters, and charity fundraisers.
He has performed in such well-known places as Radio City Music Hall, Las Vegas, The Ford Theater (for President Ronald Reagan), Carnegie Hall and on Broadway!

His television credits range from "The Merv Griffin Show" to "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson"... where Mr. Carson remarked after Bob's first appearance, "You won't laugh any harder in five or six minutes, then you will at that guy... Bob Nelson!" Bob has many other television credits including an Emmy Award, that he received for a children's show which aired in Philadelphia.

Rodney Dangerfield jump started Bob's cable television career by putting him in two of his own HBO specials. "The Ninth Annual Young Comedians Special", where Bob presented his classic football piece, and "It ain't Easy Bein' Me", where he introduced us to one of his most popular characters... Jiffy Jeff! Bob went on to do two more HBO specials, this time they would be solo performances, the half hour "One Night Stand" and then his innovative one hour special "Nelson Schmelson".

Bob has even showed up on the silver screen in Ivan Reitman's "Kindergarten Cop" with Arnold Schwartzenagger, "This is My Life" the Nora Ephron film starring the lovable Julie Kavner, and we can't forget Dennis Dugan's "Brain Donors" with the great John Turturro, the incredible Mel Smith, and of course... Bob Nelson!

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